Bárzongorista 1. - A Bárzongorista

Bárzongorista 1. - A Bárzongorista
"The uncut record of the Bar Pianist Competition of 2003
The recording was made in the Márványterem of Hungarian Radio in Budapest.
Musicians: Sándor Farkas, János Orosz, Zoltán Szirmai, Tibor Taligás, László Mátrai, Ernő Weszely
"Those who love bar piano play can listen to the performance of the prize winners, recorded live on the premises and left completely unchanged. The guest star of the final, Ernő Weszely plays for over an hour. He performs a Gershwin-mix and a song written especially for the competition. Thanks to the Filmmúzeum a portrait film was also made of the bar pianists. The booklet accompanying the album contains confessions, interesting stories and recollections that appeared in the film."""
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