Bárzongorista 2. - Egy este a Royalban (dupla CD)

Bárzongorista 2. - Egy este a Royalban (dupla CD)
"Six bar pianists, who know almost everything about music. Who enchant the world with their play each night: from Vienna to New York, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to Zurich...
Masters, who know the best of their profession. Artists, whose names are known and who are greeted by the regulars of Budapest cafés and hotels.
Pianists, who became well-known to the wider public in Hungary in Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. Competitors, who did not play against, but for each other on the stage.

Creators, whose life is music, and whose soul is the piano. People, who are in love with what they do.

On 29th November 2004, in Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, the National Bar Pianist Competition (organised the second time already) in the spirit of elegance, nostalgy and exclusiveness not only invoked the atmosphere of old Pest cafés, but also introduced the living grand masters of a long-forgotten profession to the public. On this special night bar pianists were to perform a 15-minute entertaining programme consisting of old favourites and Hungarian and international hit songs. Their preparation proved to be perfect both professionally and artistically: the pianists were not only the masters of their instruments, but also demonstrated mastery in their expression of emotions. The audience rewarded them with a stormy applause. This night the audience saw and listened to a competition, in which the participants stepped on stage for a profession that they humbly served all their lives."
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