Bárzongorista 3. - Nosztalgia és elegancia (dupla CD)

Bárzongorista 3. - Nosztalgia és elegancia (dupla CD)
"The double album of the Third National Bar Pianist Competition final.
The double album entitled Nostalgia és Elegancia is the third CD in the bar pianist series. The double album features the programme presented by artists of the Bar Pianist Gala of December 2005. The novelty of the album is that this night each pianist performed a song with singer Anna Udvarias, thus the album contains some old favourites of the previous century, the songs ""Halálos tavasz"", ""Holdvilágos éjszakán"" and ""Egy kis édes félhomályban"" among them. The songs were written by legendary authors like Mihály Eisemann, Chappy Orlay and we can perhaps say they were performed by already legendary pianists: Sándor Farkas, János Orosz, Ottó Ökrös, Tibor Taligás and István Táborosi.
The ranking performer of the night, János Orosz, aged 80(!), confesses: ""This concert is proof of the popularity of bar piano music: many tried to get in to this concert, but the tickets have been sold, unfortunately. There is a demand for our music, but there is a shortage of musical restaurants and bars. Earlier there was a fantastic aboundance of bars and coffee-bars with music and programmes. I have never considered it to be below dignity to play in these places. This is by no means ""prostitution"", and I am genuinely sorry that by our days this type of restaurants, coffee-bars ceased to exist. Maybe some time later people will realise that bar pianists are needed, but today there are very few such places...""
It’s true, there is but a few of such places. But with this album, we help those who miss them. Relax in your armchair, close your eyes, and imagine you are in the Budapest of the past century.... Sit in one of the bourvard’s popular coffee-bars, take a sip of your coffee, and listen to the sometimes merry sometimes bittersweet sound of the ebony and ivory keys. We wish you a pleasant enternainment!"
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