Bárzongorista 4. - Régi idők mozija (dupla CD)

Bárzongorista 4. - Régi idők mozija (dupla CD)
"The double album contains the recording of the artists playing at the Bar Pianist Gala in Hotel Kempinski in December 2006. The special guest singer of the night was Eszter Bíró. Orsolya Karafiáth tells the following about the album, the night and bar piano music:
Orsolya Karafiáth: Egy bár. A múlt - avagy a bárzongoristák és én (excerpt)
(A bar. Past - bar pianists and me)
""I am the last bar pianist"" János Másik sang on Levél nővéremnek 2 of 1994, that he created in co-operation with Tamás Cseh. At the time this appeared to be true. But luckily he was proved wrong. The genre that was almost dying a slow, sneaking death, sees a revival in our days. Bars, cafés, restaurants are beginning to be alive with the sound of music, to the delight of many. (…) Of course a bar pianist knows much more than the old, compulsory pieces - that would soon make his play boring. A musician has to know thousands of songs by heart, and has to be able to play with them: to enrich them, change their rhythm, gradually change from old melody into the other. If we spend a long time listening, we can untangle the songs and we will find everything among them from exclusive classical pieces, through operetta, songs from musicals, folk music, Hungarian and international old favourites to modern pop music. But why is it that we love this genre so much? Because night life always has a secret quality to it. Because in a night club that invokes times past the scenery comes to life, and we can be ladies, damas for a single night, and our partners - if we have them - can be elegant gentlemen. Because sometimes it is good to feel like a hero in a black and white movie. (…) Like I wrote it in my song: ""Álomszerű fény, / váratlan futam:/ ragtime és elfelejtett filmzene. /Pohárcsengés - hangok koccintanak. /Ha visszacseng a múlt, meghallod-e? //Nem kell cilinder, más időket élünk. /Vagy mégsem? És ezt is csak képzelem? /Hogy Pest, az biztos. Évet nem tudok. /Egy bár. A múlt. Gyere és tarts velem.""
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