Bárzongorista 5. - A bárzongorázás virtuózai (dupla CD)

Bárzongorista 5. - A bárzongorázás virtuózai (dupla CD)
"The series that has peaked in the Palace of Arts in 2007, started in the Márványterem of Hungarian Radio in 2003. From the corners of smoky restaurants and bars aloud with the clutter of knives and forks, the very best bar pianists have finally found a way to the spotlight. They prooved that their knowledge made them capable of reaching beyond their usual premises: of attaining the attention of the audience in the solitary world of a wonderful concert hall. Just like in a classical music concert, there is only two black pianos in the middle of the stage, and the Artists need to enchant the expectant Audience of the crowded hall with the talents of their two hands.

Those present in the Palace of Arts in 2007 had the opportunity to experience this in person. Those who missed it, now receive the melodies of the unforgettable evening in a double album. Besides the play of the forever young bar pianists Andrea Malek’s shining voice, Ernő Weszely’s hoarse accordion, and the play of Emiri Almira, stage pianist of Albenian descent living in Austria.

Sándor Farkas, János Orosz, Tibor Taligás, István Táborosi and Ottó Ökrös followed each other stepping on stage and sitting by the piano to juxtapose Rahmanyinov and Seress Rezső, Cole Porter and Zerkovitz or Gershwin and Eric Clapton in a milieu unusual for the pianists themselves. The devotion of the listeners and their incessant clapping was proof of their success.

The booklet of the album features an excerpt of the exclusive interview that appeared in the 2005 winter edition of the Hamu és Gyémánt magazine about the mystic past of bar pianists and their present of seeking ways and means. We recommend the album to yound and old longing for some nostalgy, or just trying to find heart-warming melodies for a romantic candle-lit dinner."
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