Ez a divat - Hello from the Neitherlands

Ez a divat - Hello from the Neitherlands
"Hello from the Neitherlands mixes jazz and deep-funk with electric elements making it a better dance music than the previous album. The aim of the group with this 9-song CD is to take a further step on the way that their first album signalled: to offer the audience an abiding experience and to gain international appreciation for Hungarian electric soul-jazz.
Ez a divat was among the first to experiment with merging jazz and electric genres in the late ’90’s.
In the early 2000’s they were often seen with Anima Sound System and Color Star, but their own audience soon formed and they began to give concerts on their own.
Their music had appeared in several Hungarian and foreign compilation albums (Real Ibiza 5, Balaton Grooves) before their first CD, From the Head to the Feet came out in 2006. The CD is an outstanding achievement in the history of Hungarian electric jazz, and it was received positively by the best of the genre abroad.
The songs are either groovy, or fast and beating with a most irregular rhythm. They are precise and sentimental, jazzy and electric all at the same time.
József Lakinger, bass guitarist, is a founder and the engine of the group. Lakinger’s childhood friend, Árpi Kiss, - a jazz-funk fanatic, - plays the trompet. The other brass player and sound-effects man, Ádám Kovács also contributes to the proficient performance. Dániel Gál plays the keyboards, handles the samplers, effects and many others to further enhance the already unique sound. János Bene is responsible for the rhythm, and Melinda Csorba adds an energetic voice to the performance. Melinda’s art is rooted in folk music (she won several folk song competitions previously), but now she is more attracted to soul."
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