Acquaragia Drom - Rebelde

Acquaragia Drom - Rebelde

It all started in a small village in Cape Verde on the island of Santago. This is where
the Rebelados, the rebels, live and create their designs. And one of those colourful
characters, created by a young boy on a cardboard box, is now the cover of this cd.
From that corner of the world Acquaragia Drom departed on a rebellious musical
journey that put its roots down in a small town in Molise many years before. In the
dining room of those houses, in the record player and jukebox, at the partes and
musical evenings (serenate), on the car stereo and at marriages, the voices of Luigi
Tenco and Renato Rascel, Georges Moustaki and Toto Cutugno, Renato Carosone and
Nicola Di Bari, and so many others, could be heard. Some of those classic songs are
recorded on this disc. In our way.

Then there are the new compositons born from wanderings, contnually, between a
crescendo love and a rubato chord.
Ultmately, there are so many travel companions who have given us the great gif
of emoton through their music and their voices. More than anyone else, Mimmo
Epifani and Tonino Carotone, Paul Fantazie, Alessandro Mannarino, Theodoro
Melissinopoulos and Sandokan, Petrika, Albert, Sasà.

And to think that everything really did start from the imaginaton of a gypsy family
from Sant’Elia a Pianisi, from a story from last century that put together the
tammurriate of the Sint Vesuviani, the songs of the Calabrian and Salentne Rom,
the wedding dances in the Carpathian Mountains, the long evenings with manouche
friends, the concerts with singers from Romania, Hungary, Poland, the fre lit in a feld
on the Belorussian border and between the trailers on the outskirts of Rome.
To retell it, everything seems easy but it was an out-of-the-ordinary trip, even more
so on those secondary roads where it’s possible to listen to the lost histories of the
Italian gypsies.
The necessary ones and because of this rebellious.

Erasmo Treglia
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