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Meszecsinka - Álomban ébren

Meszecsinka - Álomban ébren
2 800 Ft
  • ""Awake in a dream" is the newest work of the band, supported by the
    Armenian-Russian guitarist and producer Karen Arutyunyan.

    It was called "genius" by the Hungarian magazine HVG and "May be the best world music
    album of this year" by Magyar Narancs.

    In this album Meszecsinka goes deeper and higher into their unique magical
    world. A shamanistic video shot in sacred places of Hungary was presented on
    the New Year s Eve of 2017.

    Media about the new album:
    "I guess we have received the world music album of the year, as a punch in
    the stomach"
    Magyar Narancs

    "Meszecsinka entices you with sounds of magical and hypnotic quality"
    Journal Frankfurt (D)

    "It vibrates at a higher level than almost everything I ve heard in the
    genre ... music, arrangement, voice and text releases categorization and
    unites in a sacred space."
    Lángoló Gitárok
    "Awake in a dream" takes us to a fiery, mystical, oriental world, to the
    border between dream and waking."
    NOW Magazine"
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