Sequence - Thing

Sequence - Thing
"Péter Szendőfi and Luca Kézdy s duo is a quite unique tentative music project. It is an unusual formation to found a group with acoustic drum set and violin - without calling any other instrument players. Also it is a big challenge for both of them to build up a whole repertoire which has to be interesting not only for the band members but the audience too - during the whole concert time.
The concept
The goal of the band is to make some progressive, unique, unusual music and combine their influences from Péter and Luca s music. As a result their music is bouncing around a wide dynamic range. The main concept is based on the free improvisation. Also they have some pre-composed themes and song structures to use those like a main streamline of the improvisation. The repertoire of Sequence contains some really sensitive but some really powerful pieces as well.
Péter and Luca came from totally different ways of music. Probably this difference can add a special zest for their creative music. On the other hand: this kind of difficulty of finding the perfect path between violin and drum set could bring the most powerful energy into this project at the same time.
Luca Kézdy was born in Győr, northwest Hungary, where she started her classical violin studies at the age of six. Later she studied aesthetics and philpsophy at the ELTE University’s liberal arts department. She placed in the finals in the first national Jazz Violin Competition held by the Hungarian Radio in 2006, where she won the Audience Prize. She has been playing with her band Santa Diver Trio (violin-bass-drums) since 2006, and played at the most respected festivals and jazz clubs in Hungary, at many venues around Europe, and at the Chelsea Music Festival in New York last summer. She is in more genres like jazz, free improvisation, pop and fusion. She works with several bands and musicians, and also gives solo concerts as well. She is best known for her unique and inventions, and anything but traditional playing style. Luca is an extraordinary talent with a very special musical approach and individual style. One of the most frequented employed violin players in Hungary. As a classical music trained artist she combines her technical facilities with some other influences from jazz, european folk, blues, odd metered balkanian music and combines perfectly the sound of the acoustic violin with some added modern music effects from a multieffect pedal. She uses some loops too which are created in real time during her live performances as a kind of backing tracks. Then the pre-recorded and looped lines have the main function to be a sort of columns of the play along improvisation.
Peter Szendofi is also started to learn to play drums on the classical music side. He graduated at Bela Bartok Conservatory in Miskolc, then he got the diploma at Ferenc Liszt Academy and won a full scholarship to Drummers Collective in New York City and graduated in 1995. He plays on about 130 albums and he performs in festivals, concerts almost in all kinds of music. In the last some years he is in and out between Europe and the USA for doing clinics, solo performances, concerts and teaching. He has been touring several times with the world famous bass player Gary Willis and Grammy winning saxophone player Brandon Fields since 2005. Founder and band leader, composer of his jazz fusion band Fusio Group since 22 years. International artist of Tama Drums, Bosphorus Cymbals, Regal Tip Sticks, Remo Drumheads, Humes&Berg Cases, Cympad Accessories, and member of the Drum Set Committee of Percussive Arts Society since 2013. He is a Master Class Artist at the Drummers Collective, New York since 2014. He was performed with James Morrison, David Friedman, Gary Willis, Tony Lakatos, Brandon Fields, Chris Hunter, Al Di Meola, Oz Noy, Kip Reed, Bob Quaranta, Shankar Lal, Ferenc Snetberger, Alegre Correa, John Gunther, Jojo Mayer, Tom Brechtlein.
Peter’s playing contains the old school elements of Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Afro Cuban-Brazilian music just like the modern and progressive styles too like Drum’n’Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat, Multiple rhythms playing. This special mixture of his musical background has made Peter’s unique sound on drums. He is always trying to get a perspective sight of the entire music and using his great technical abilities to serve the global sound of the band."
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