Ez a divat - From the head to the feet

Ez a divat - From the head to the feet
"Flying start to the evening: Ez a divat, one of the party-favourites of Budapest. They play a very fresh, party-style, flowing funk-pop-jazz-electronic hybrid with an unmistakable sound. Even the number one French trip-hop creator, Kid Loco, appreciated their first free online single, ""Nofun Nofun"", which appear as part of their second soon-to-be released album. The remix made by Párizs from the group’s second free single ""Must be the Neitherlands"" is often broadcast on the radio, happily. You mustn’t miss out on the first band of the evening.
The 2006 ""From the Head to the Feet"" is Ez a divat’s first album. The seven songs are a tasteful blend of jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. Besides the daydream-like imaginative songs, like ""In Your Head"" and ""Moonsong"" - appearing in Gyula Nemes’s film, ""Egyetleneim"" (My One And Onlies), - this album features dance songs, like ""On My Feet, or the swing-house rhythm ""Seven""."
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