Cirkusz-Ka - Városi Mese

Cirkusz-Ka - Városi Mese
"Cirkusz- KA, Városi mese (Urban tale) CD and DVD is a concept concert album based on Balázs Szitás, director’s idea.
In the performance the Cirkusz-KA songs - Anna Szlávics’s surreal lyrics reminiscent of free verse - are linked to become loosely related, dreamlike scenes of a personal story.
Since 2006 the Anna Szlávics - Tamás Rock duo have written their own lyrics. They are the leaders of their band, Cirkusz-KA, and the creators of the unique atmosphere of their music. Their first LP of 2011, a minimalist, expressive album, invokes the world of couplets, chansons. In the course of years, partly as a result of the co-operation with several musicians, jazz has come to the forefront of the music of Cirkusz-KA, but other elements like fado, bossa nova, samba, flamenco, chanson, folk music of Hungary and the Balkans are also present.
In the concert album entitled Városi Mese, the instrumentation is varied, it is adjusted to the atmosphere of the lyrics. Song and prose, classical guitar, double bass, flute, melodica and percussion instruments, purely acoustic instrumentation, delicate improvisation, intertwining and contrasting tunes, expressive silences. The music of Cirkusz-KA is still characterised by the beauty and fragility of chamber music, and theatrical tools add one more layer to this. The musicians play their own roles on the stage. The result is the birth of a personal, intimate performance.
Anna Szlávics - voice, melodica, flute, kalimba, lyrics
Tamás Rock - guitar, song
Tamás Géza Szalay - double bass
Gábor Clemente - percussion
Balázs Szitás - director
László Válik - sound engineering
NarRator Records - video recording
Attila Szarka - cover painting
Gábor Görgényi - cover design
The concert was recorded with the sponsorship of the Hungarian National Cultural Fund and NarRátor Records, in the Eötvös 10 Közösségi és Kulturális Színtér in April 2015."
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