Vicky Sunday - The Best Album Ever

Vicky Sunday - The Best Album Ever
"Vicky Sunday - The Best Album Ever

Loud, decadent, diversified. Unique and ignores any trends. The tracks incorporate lots of elements, including the beat of funky, Scottish folk tunes, jazz piano and country violin, all wrapped into metal sound. The music is still coherent thanks to Vicky’s voice and personality:
Vicky Sunday’s carrierstarted with the ‘Awake on Planet Sounday’ EP. A few years later his 3-track ‘Mosaic’ EP attracted the international music journalists’ attention, too. He is the creator of the ‘worldrock’ genre.
Here and there, virtuoso violin cuts across the precise, heavy guitar. Sick horror symphony, karmic ethno rock. The thick Latin beat of African voodoo percussion instruments offers rhythmical asymmetry to hard metal drums. Round dancewith insane dynamics, devious psycho magic.

With Vicky, nights never turn into days, chaos never turns into order, vibration never becomes monotonous. The strong, melodic tunes alternate with harassing instrumental inserts. Sophisticatedlyrics, where the irony is frequently revealed after several verses only.Biographical and astral experiences, raped pulp romance, confusing visual world.

His 9-track 2015 album includes a new interpretation of R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion’. The sweeping song embedded in rock is spiced with an exotic sound by the percussion and the country violin of the refrain.
Vicky Sunday - Losing My Religion:"
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