Ethnómada - Keserédes

Ethnómada - Keserédes

"Keserédes" is Ethnómada's first album, a trip from Hungary to many places and music styles. Balkanic music, flamenco, latin, blues... blend together in a natural and gentle way. Instruments like tres cubano, congas, baby bass are mixed with Kanna, electric guitar, lap steel, trumpet and violin. The result is a new and fresh sound that is also tied to old roots and traditions.
María Keck, Julián Olivares, Yago Salorio and Shangó Dely are proud to present these original and elegant songs of world music to the music world, with very special guests like Jorge Pardo, Enriquito and Luca Kézdy.

Ethnómada Bio:

In 2012, after visiting Mali and Hungary, Olivares Trío (Yago Salorio, Shangó Dely and Julián Olivares) and María Keck founded Ethnómada.
They started playing covers, and soon composing their own music. They played in small venues and theatres and at Babel Sound Festival in Hungary in July 2012 and 2013. Apart from the shows they held some workshops (flamenco guitar, latin percussion) and jam sessions with amazing Hungarian musicians. These experiences led them to find connections between Gipsy Hungarian music and Spanish music and many possibilities of making fusion between them.
Ethnómada is made of nomads: artists who walk through Serbia, Hungary, Spain or Colombia harvesting ethnical seeds and using imaginary and real roots to create their music."
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