Naked - Nakedonia

Naked - Nakedonia
"Naked is a cutting-edge collaborative core-band with its feet firmly rooted in a unique mix of global urban grooves with Balkan, world and free-jazz relishes.
Naked s fiercely corpulent mix of traditional music heritage of the Balkans with swing and free- jazz is the soundtrack to the band’s everlasting quest for true music identity.
West or East? Naked rides over Gypsy violins, bebop rhythms and urban wind instruments in an energetic and deep feeling fusion.
Naked welcomes the beginning of the year 2015 with a 3rd studio album ""Nakedonia"" [second for Hungarian label Narrator Records] and a new formation. Striped to a quartet the band gets more naked than ever, extravagantly topped with soul voices of baritone sax, bass clarinet, duduk, zurla and other reeds by Amir Gwirtzman.
Naked s new, quartet formation features Branislav Radojkovic (bass), Goran Milosevic (drums, percussions), Djordje Mijuskovic (violin), Ivan Teofilovic (clarinet, sax)"
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