Borra-Való - Asszony bora, ember bora

Borra-Való - Asszony bora, ember bora
"Wine for Women, Wine for Men The Hungarian group Borra-Való is a unique musical experiment combining traditional folk and popular music. Violin, guitar, percussion, and vocals give the background of unique lyrics praise joy and winedrinking written by Petőfi Sándor or Lackfi János. Songs are either folk influenced traced back into the habit of festive winedrinking or popular music with a touch of balkan music.
Almár Almus Judit is the Voice of the group keeping and organizing the band s concerts, festivals, mediashows and other activities. Balázs Gergely, a well-known and acomplished violin player is also part of the creative teamwork when music is created.
According to the Borászportál wine magazine the band ( is one of the most famous groups at famous wine festivals such as Budavári Libamájfesztivál, Tatai Víz, Zene és Virágfesztivál, Győri Bornapok. Although the band was formed in 2011 the first album was only released in december 2014 at the courtesy of NarRator Records with the help of Artisjus Music Foundation.
Among the future plans there are gastrofolk and world music festivals, concerts and a music & gastrofolk show named Borra-Való with famous guests run by one of the prestigious tv chanels in the near future."
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