Cabaret Medrano - Esővonat

Cabaret Medrano - Esővonat
"Cabaret Medrano’s first album appeared in 1998, when the group was still called Vadsanzon. Their smoky caffe atmosphere chanson world gradually changed, and after the two albums that came out in the last few years (Éjszakai járat, 2007; Ez mind nem volt, 2011) they arrived at world music. Some tracks of the album Esővonat that were recorded this year are reworks of the emblematic pieces of the first album (Angyalpor, Tangó a jégen, Esővonat, Vasárnapi cimborák), the others are new songs. The words again take us on a journey: we meet Borges in Argentina, then we take a trip to sunny Cordoba, and naturally we also travel around Hungary with the help of Betyárnóta and Havasi szél. Just jump onto the Esővonat (Raintrain) and enjoy your ride.
Almost all musicians that have so far played in Cabaret Medrano have contributed to the album: Benedek Darvas: trumpet, violin, voice; Zsombor Dudás: percussion; Tímea Grénus: clarinet; Andrea György: voice, violin, lyrics; Gábor Horváth: bass guitar; Imre Kamondy: voice, words, accordion; Janó Nemes: kaval, saxophone; Zsigmond Szert: drums; György Verebes: piano, voice, lyrics."
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