Meszecsinka - Kinyílok

Meszecsinka - Kinyílok
"Meszecsinka was founded five years ago. Since the foundation they have travelled throughout Europe, and toured the US, Canada and Russia. Their first CD appeared in Germany too, and their second has just debuted in the Festival of Folk Arts. ""This group possessed the most unique sound. Meszecsinka is a band that plays real world music, it is worth listening to them."" - said Fidelio about the Meszecsinka concert in MÜPA.
In July an artistic video appeared on Recorder:
The clip is the work of Eszter Csepeli, whose latest film, to which she has contributed to as a cameraperson has been selected for the official shortlist for the Cannes Film Festival. "Kinyílok" has done more than merely inspiring a beautiful clip, it was also chosen as the title of the new album. The album was first available in Germany during the German tour of Meszecsinka in July."
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