Pluto - Fedélzetre

Pluto - Fedélzetre
"The band PLUTO plays words-centered songs that lend themselves to dancing. In the course of the years they have become an integral rock band, theirs songs are recognisable, and have a message. The group lead by guitarist-singer András Nemes mixes Hungarian songwriter traditions, rockabilly stroke beat music and the guitar-pop solutions of the past decade with a real instinct.
The new album
""Circumstances have become difficult, there’s danger, we need to flee. The captain shouts On board! (Fedélzetre!) and everyone knows what to do. We sail again"" - Pluto’s rock and roll is the dream of a heroic life.
Fedélzetre! is Pluto’s first real rock album. It was recorded in one go, is full of drum sound, and was mixed on analogue equipment. We can hear what we hear in a concert: drums, two guitars, bass guitar, voice. It’s not an over-computerised material with too many effects, but an effortless, sweat-free rock album with hit tracks.
Nine songs of their own. In addition a characteristically Pluto-style Kispál és a Borz remake, entitled Szőkített nő. Words are still determining: the teenage recollections of Veled nincsen baj, the absurd viewpoint of Vihetik a tetőt, the forest run of Mese a csillagokról, the pacifist impetus of Tábornok úr, the near-madness search of a way of Eltévedt egy ember.
András Nemes - guitar, voice
Zsombor Dudás - drum, voice
Tamás Martinkó - guitar
Gábor Horváth - bass guitar"
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