Rutkai Bori és a Specko Jedno - Anticity

Rutkai Bori és a Specko Jedno - Anticity
"Bori Rutkai s musical poems were born in the trinity of humour, melancholy and poetry. The words are accompanied by music that represents a mix of styles - funk n roll, blues on bass, chi n punk deep-hippie. The sections of the music so varied in their atmosphere and dynamism take the listener on a journey to intimate destinations, or even to actions happening at a cell level, where the adventure continues between the dimensions of reality and tales. The album cover features Bori s paintings and handmade letter-games, that are good friends of the songs.

Bori Rutkai - voice
Zoltán Mizsei - keyboard
Dávid Szesztay - guitar
Dániel Szerető - bass guitar
Csaba Németh - percussion"
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