Lackfi János és az Aphonia zenekar - Verskardigán

Lackfi János és az Aphonia zenekar - Verskardigán
"""From 17th century epitaphs to contemporary poetry"" is probably the best way to define the repertoire of the Aphonia band.
The mission of the band that was founded in 2009 with two members is to write music to poetry, and perform it with acoustic instruments. The band is open: it works with a changing membership: guest musicians playing in other bands take part in the work.
Their first, author’s edition album, entitled Ahonnan jöttem… contains poems by Teréz Nagy.
Their second album, entitled Verskardigán, which was published by NarRator Records in January 2013, contains poems by János Lackfi and the songs written from those.
The ""younger brother"" of Aphonia is the Sajtkukacz band (consisting of the same members), that performs acoustic music to children, mainly to contemporary poems written for children. Their album, entitled Radírmocsok, was prepared with the participation of the poet, Lackfi.
Kamilla Borzsák (flute, panpipe, pipe)
Gábor Clemente (percussion)
Hedda Gál (voice)
György Molnár (guitar, voice)
Gábor Becze (double bass)
Péter Balog (classical guitar, cobza, organ)"
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