Úzgin Űver - Rebucka

Úzgin Űver - Rebucka
"The band was founded in 1991 in Kecskemét. Its name comes from a Mongolian settlement, where ancient cultic funeral premises were excavated. The meaning of the name can be something like area void of water, poor harvest.
Our mission has been to create a unique musical world using various kinds of folk music as a starting point, relying on traditional and modern instruments, sounds and technology. We work with tunes from the CarpathianBasin to Mongolia, and Balkanic, Turkish, Persian and Armenian tunes in our heads However, we make our own songs, and do not use reworks. Our sound is influenced by modern music: jazz, rock, breakbeat, dub, contemporary and retro alike. Our music is instrumental, human voices also appear as musical instruments. Our instruments among others include: the saxophone, the clarinet, several kinds of flutes, the zurna, the kaval, the duduk, the jaw harp, the pipe, the violin, drums, the kanna, the tonbak, guitars, the sampler and the harddisc-recorder.
Our cassette entitled Szegény Aratás (Poor Harvest) came out in 1992. This was followed by our first and second CD albums (both untitled) in 1995 and 1999, respectively, published by Bahia. We published a selection of our pieces of theatre music entitled Báb/Színház/Zene (Puppet/Theatre/Music). In 2004 our fourth album entitled Vörös Rébék was released, containing music written for the performance of the Közép-Európa Táncszínház (Central European Dance Theatre). The electric remix of this album instrumented by our French friend, Oliver Drieu appreared in 2005. We have released a new album in 2010, with the title Bucka. NarRator Records published our remix best of album entitled ReBucKa in 2012.
In the past years the band performed in all notable Hungarian forums, concert premises and festivals, and for several consecutive years in the Sziget as well. We have given many successful concerts abroad, and taken part in international music workshops.
We have contributed music to many theatre and puppet theatre performances, movies and animated cartoons. We have worked together with István Somogyi, the Maskarás Céh, Miklós Jancsó and Péter Szoboszlay. We are closely connected to contemporary fine arts through Gyula Majoros, and to Radio Tilos (dj Sztyepp).
Marcsi Farkas: violin, voice
Péter Homoki: guitar, elektronics, kanna, tonbak, voice, recording
Gyula Majoros: clarinet, flutes, kaval, pipe, zurna, doromb, duduk, voice
Péter Háry: bass guitar
Péter Sebestyén: drums
Krisztián Almási: drums"
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