Butterfly Effect - Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect - Butterfly Effect
"The Butterfly Effect band, who take their name after the chaos theory term are a truly special chamber-formation. Since their foundation in 2010 they have been developing their unique music that incorporates elements of jazz, folk, hip-hop and classical music.
A few words about the members:
János Vázsonyi is one of the most well-known Hungarian saxophonists of the past one and a half decades. He has published several albums in numerous genres from classical music, through jazz to electric music.
The singer, Bori Magyar is mostly known from the Besh O Drom band that combines Balkanic, Gypsy and Near-Eastern traditions with Hungarian folk music and world music. She has also sung with Bobby Mcferrin in Moscow and Budapest.
Dániel Kardos is one of the most highly accomplished Hungarian guitarists, who plays the guitar in several bands, among them Sleeping Camels, Kiende, Marge, Ektar, Duende, Hagesher, TrióM, Kardos Négyes and KTM Trió. His guitar music appears in over 20 albums. His play incorporates elements of jazz and the music of the Balkans, the Near-East and of India. He also works as a composer. He is the author and the winner of special awards for several Hungarian films, among them ""Vespa"".
The forth member of the band, Tamás Dömötör joined the group later. With his mouth and throat he produces rhythms the quality of which would outdo many technical devices and a serious group of musical instruments. The Hungarian champion of beatbox-technology is the national champion of the genre, and holds a second place in the world championship. He considers it his mission to elevate beatbox to an academic level."
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