Tamás Éva Játéktára - Hónapról Hónapra

Tamás Éva Játéktára - Hónapról Hónapra
"Éva Tamás’s Játéktár
Éva Tamás’s Játéktár was founded in 2007. It had been the dream of actress Éva Tamás, who mainly performs in the Harmadik Színház in Pécs. The members of the band are residents of Pécs, they live and work in the capital of the Baranya county: Éva Tamás - voice, Aliz Bogárdi - violin, Tamás Pozsgai - guitar, Mihály Etlinger Mihály - double bass. The musicians and actors magic the poems of contemporary poets into songs. Their concerts enchant children with their colourful musical world.
""What we truly want to do is act. We take children’s hands and step by step lead them into the world of literature and music. Each of our concerts is a real game full of smiles, a lively social experience that washes away inhibitions, helps interaction, that simultaneously moves and relaxes people. An event that instructs and offers unwinding entertainment.
The first album of Játéktár, entitled ""Az én anyukám"" (My Mum) came out in 2010. Its music is based on the poems of András Nagy Bandó. In 2012 the world accelerated around the band. Early in the year they launched their children’s drawing competition, which attracted over 600 applications from around the country. In February they recorded their second album based on the poems of Éva Mentovics. Their first video-clip was made for the song that gave the title of album, ""Hónapról - hónapra"". Their colouring book (containing music notes and poems) of the same title was also published. The new album was published by NarRátor Records in autumn 2012, on the birthday of the band. The band presented children with a tale-concert, entitled Csipkerózsika (The Sleeping Beauty"") in the Harmadik Színház of Pécs."
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