David Yengibarian Octet - No compromise

David Yengibarian Octet - No compromise
"David Yengibarian, who is of Armenian origins, was born in Yerevan in 1976. He grew up in a family of musicians. At the age of 9 he joined the Yerevan Music School, and started to play the accordion a year later. In 1995 he continued his studies in music in Hungary, where he has become one of the most sought-after young jazz and world music performers and a composer. He has composed several pieces for the theatre and films. The main source of inspiration for his unique folk music based world is Armenian folk tradition, European and American jazz and improvisatory music, Argentine tango and its revolutioniser, Astor Piazzolla. He accomplised an old dream of his with his nem album. In the highly orchestrated concert in Kiscelli Museum on 1 August 2010, where the album was recorded he co-operated with world renowned musicians, he had dreamt about for especially these compositions.
I met Józsi Botos in Maria Street in the 8th discrict in 2003. He became a member of the band when the trio that I had founded sacked me. They kept drinking coffees, smoking, and blabbering during the rehearsals. This made me increasingly tense, and it showed. This was the point when I decided that there’s NO COMPROMISE.
I met Jancsi Egri in a jazz camp in Tatabánya in ‘97. We still keep in touch. In 2003 I have founded the new trio with the two of them. Once I was sitting in a pub in Almássy Square and jotted down these names on a piece of paper: Karim Weemaels, Matt Darriau, Eddie Neumann, Tom Walsh, Komlan Agbekpenou, Adalberto el Bamba Dominguez
This was when I envisaged the No Compromise band. I met and played with each of them on different occasions in different places. It was evidently different to play with them each.E.g. I met Komlan in the L’archiduc Club in Brussels before I went on stage. Within 20 minutes we were playing together happily. I met Eddie Neumann on the Orient Express tour in Italy. I can’t tell stories that would make one grasp and say ""Wow, that’s fantastic!"", but they were each so impressive musical and human encounters that I have decided to bring these people together.
I have to tell that the bass guitarist is from Cuba. I met him in Brussels too. He only speaks Spanish, and I tried to communicate with him in French and English. But when we started playing music....
Most of the compositions on the album were performed in theatre. Later I have adapted them for this band. This is the result."
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