Anima Sound System - Tedd a napfényt be a számba

Anima Sound System - Tedd a napfényt be a számba
The band was founded in 1993 by Zsolt and Szabolcs Prieger. Gergely Németh joined one and a half years later to create the trio of authors that - despite changing memberships - keeps the group moving.
Hungary’s number one electronic dancemusic group mixes the traditions of the Carpathian Basin with contemporary music, hip-hop and jungle-rhythms.
Following the experimental music of the casette that came out in 1994 (Anima: 001/1994), the album Shalom in 1995 already carried the characteristics that is identified with Anima-sound ever since. It includes Gypsy and Jewish folkmusic, raggae-rhythms, odd instrumentation, playfulness, experimentation, the ignoring of musical categories. The band’s first success abroad was brought about by the Soundsfair Festival in Vienna, where they appeared on stage as the single Eastern-European performer along with Cypress Hill, Goldie, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares on Wax or Red Snapper.
In 1996 their next album, the Hungarian Astronaut, represented the relationship of Hungarian folk music and psychedelic structures. The following album, Anima, brought them success that is unbroken ever since. The first Anima-album appeared in the US with the same title. It compiles the first three albums. (Publisher: Tone Casualities/ Los Angeles 1998)

Their CD entitled Gipsy Sound Clash appeared in 2002. It analyses the affair of Gipsy traditions and dub-technology. This album was presented in the famous Cargo Club in London. In 2002 Anima cooperated with the London international star group, Asian Dub Foundation, in the creation of their common antiracist recording entitled Elég volt (It’s Enough). The group was on stage in the world’s most renowned musical fair, WOMEX (of the 700 groups only 40 invited!), where they achieved great success and were invited to several famous festivals from Brasil to Turkey and from Portugal to Poland in

2003. In May 2010 the 10th album of the band entitled Tedd a napfényt be a számba (Put the sunshine into my mouth) appeared.

NarRator Records brought out the 10th album of 17-year-old Anima Sound System entitled "Tedd a napfényt be a számba". The album includes 14 songs incorporating the old hits (68, Tekerd, Elég volt). These will be presented in the spring-summer tour of the group along with many new songs.
The songs have been prepared for the last year in rented rooms, rehearsal places, bedrooms and in Pannónia Stúdió with the direction of Gergely Németh and Zsolt Prieger producers. The CD is admittedly the most popularist album of Anima so far, including verze-refrain-songs, the ironic representation of disco, glamrock, dancesong and funk, and after long years with many Hungarian lyrics. Szabolcs Prieger, old co-author and Anima-founder joined the Németh-Prieger composer duo, and the idea of several songs comes from Gábor Gergácz guitarist-vocalist. Lyrics are by Gergely Németh (English lyrics) and Zsolt Prieger (Hungarian lyrics). This is the first Anima Sound System album where all songs are performed by the new singer Fanni Prieger. The songs of the album will be presented from Transylvania to Prague in the Anima-tour starting this weekend. Remixes and clips will soon be made from all songs of the album "Tedd a napfényt be a számba" by Hungarian (NVC-Crew, Tits & Clits, Tommy Brutkho etc.) and famous artists abroad.

Anima sound system Band:
Németh Gergely-vocals, bass, keyboards
Prieger Fanni-vocals
Gergácz Gábor-acustic and electronic gitars, vocals
Rozmán Zoltán-drums, percussion
Ikvai-Szabó botond-vocals Prieger Zsolt-music, lirycs Prieger Szabolcs-music, lirycs
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