Martin Meléndez power trio

Martin Meléndez power trio

Martín Meléndez & Power Trio release their debut album,

I have a dream

Influenced by Afro-Cuban rhythms, blues and neo-soul, the musicians take their listeners on a
journey through jazz, referring to different cultures, such as Chinese, Cuban and Venezuelan.

The Power Trio is a special one: it departs from the norm of jazz ensembles because, instead of
a double bass, it includes the vibrant sound of a cello, which, in this case, is played by Martín
Meléndez. This combination leads the audience to transit through fusions with diverse genres,
with roots in diametrically opposed points of the planet.
Meléndez was born in Moscow in the early 1980s, raised in Havana and for almost two decades,
based in Barcelona. That is partly because of the fusion that reflects his music. But also because
of his knowledge of genres: of course, Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz, flamenco, salsa, Middle
Eastern music, jazz, gypsy jazz.
And all those fusions and conversations between cultures are captured in the Martín Meléndez
& Power Trio's debut album, I have a dream (NarRator Records). “The album is a journey and a
dream. Musically, it's a jazz of dreams”, the cellist explains. And it is precisely a travel because
it invites the audience to the world evoking different places. Bolita is a song that reminds China.
“I was working there for a long time, two years ago. And the pentatonic always stayed with me.
And we made this song, which is inspired by the concept applied to girls who are fat, they are
called Bolitas. The song has a little bit of oriental, Afro-Cuban music,” the artist says. The tour
continues in America with two more songs: a bolero dedicated to the Venezuelan people, which
is performed by the trio and an orchestra of Venezuelan musicians. And another, dedicated to
Meléndez's Cuban grandmother, who was a storyteller, a selling thing on the street.
Martín Meléndez & Power Trio was formed in December 2018. The musicians met when they
collaborated on Elephant tiny obsessions, a project that fuses Bantu culture with jazz, funk and
electronics. Meléndez already had the idea of making his own music and when he met his
colleagues, he invited them to participate.
Previously, the cellist has collaborated with important musicians such as Pablo Milanés, Yusa,
Chano Domínguez, Macaco; and has been part of Ópera y Flamenco, Flamenco Hoy, by Carlos
Saura, AupaQuartet, Traza Quartet, among others.

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Martín Meléndez was born in 1982 in Moscow, in the former Soviet Union, when his Cuban
parents were studying there. Within a year he went to live in Havana, Cuba, where he stayed
until after having studied music, especially the cello, at the Amadeo Conservatory and the
Higher Institute of Art. He now lives in Barcelona, the city from which he develops his artistic
work, strongly influenced by Afro-Cuban music.

During his career he has worked in various genres, including flamenco, salsa, Middle Eastern
music, jazz, gypsy jazz and more. He has participated in projects such as AupaQuartet, Traza
Quartet, Cordes del Món, among others. But since late 2018, he decided to embark on a new
dream: his own trio, which, unlike jazz classics, includes drums, piano and cello. Thus, the
Martín Meléndez & Power Trio is also formed by Lucía Fumero (keyboard) and Gabriel González
(drums), with whom he recorded the first album of this project.

The musician has collaborated and shared the stage with important figures of the music such
as Pablo Milanés, Yusa, Chano Domínguez, Macaco, to name but a few. And his music has
reached different points of the globe: Canada, Australia, Chile, Turkey, Russia, China, Argentina,
Germany and even more.

Together with the Power Trio, Martín Meléndez is preparing to release I have a dream
(NarRator Records) in 2020, an album that will once again showcase his mastery of jazz and his
other influences.

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