Isla Musa the album of Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun is out today

07/06/2019 10:12

Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun transform Mediterranean soundscapes into an
“islander muse” inspired world music and jazz album.
Ermanno Panta is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Sicily (Italy)
with a deep respect for sicilian music, flamenco, african and jazz. His tours and musical
studies around the world are the inspiring sources of an eclectic repertoire, transforming
Banda Zeitun’s music into one voice, an authentic live ritual.

The lyrics are in Spanish, Catalan, Sicilian and Arabic offering a symbolic commitment to
diversity. Trance, joy and modern taste coexist in the album as well as in the live concert.
These are the sounds and flavours the listener may recognize in “Isla Musa”, the first
album of the band released with Narrator Records.

The musicians who collaborated in the album proceed from the Balearic Islands, Sicily,
Catalonia, Andalusia, Hungary, Argentina, France, Morocco, Israel, Cuba, Chile and