Stand into the deep! The new album of Meszecsinka is out now

24/05/2019 10:31

The band celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a new album
The new album of Meszecsinka, founded by singer Oláh Annamari and guitarist-
keyboardist Emil Biljarszki in 2009, has several important novelties: a new bassist, Ferenc
Somogyi came to the rhythm section with the percussionist Krolikowski Dávid. This is their
first album which consists of compositions based on themes like loss and facing death -
previously their albums included folk songs as well.

What has not changed is the diverse musical palette, which combines a multitude of
different genres and inspirations, featuring inuit singing, sleeping pills, Siberian sounds,
love songs, cellphone audio recordings, and trance-like ancient rites. Recorded with the
support of the National Cultural Fund, László Válik, Barnabás Hidasi, Szabolcs Puha,
Dávid Krolikowski, Dávid Szesztay; Márton Bakai contributes as guest violinist. Mixing and
mastering by HL Studio.