A riot of fun – MiraMundo releases a new album

01/06/2019 08:00

Sofá, the second album of MiraMundo has been released.
MiraMundo are a joyous collective of musicians from Europe, Asia and Latin America who
seem to specialise in such moments. From the outset, there’s a convivial bagginess to the
way songs begin to come together, as guitars move from strumming to melody, the rhythm
gathers force and the voice is found – all five key members sing in their respective
languages – while guests from Poland, Uruguay and elsewhere assist with percussion and
backing vox.

With the vitality of Gitano Family or Manu Chao’s roadshows, this band shifts from
intelligent bossa nova and Gypsy jazz to more free-form compositions that have the
slightest hint of Serge Gainsbourg. Nothing is too trivial or exotic for their palate: Mexican
mariachi, samba, Italian canonetta, Japanese phrases, African beats - Sofa is a riot of fun!