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30/03/2020 14:24

Dear Customers,

Due to the emerging virus threat, our site is unable to fulfill orders indefinitely, but albums are still available from our following partners, but please inquire about the stock:

If you have any further questions, please contact our colleague Géza Nagy.:

Thank you for your understanding!

Sincerely,: The NarRator Records Team


We are in World Music Charts Europe TOP 20


Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun transform Mediterranean soundscapes into an “islander muse” inspired world music and jazz album.
06/03/2018 11:51
We released the 4th CD of the serbian band Naked at the beginning of the year. The CD has an optimistic title: YES. Here you can read the review by Rolling Stone magazine about the band's concert at Ragastan Festival in India.
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